A tour of our office and warehouse

In this video, we will bring you to where the magic happen, see some friendly faces, and meet some new people on the way.

Chef's Top Choice

Fine Dining restaurant's top Selections! large selections of Lobster, Prime steak, King crabs, oysters and more....

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  • King Crab Legs


  • Rib Steak




  • Tomahawk Steaks


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Restaurant's Top choice

Large selection of sashimi grade products. Korean cut meat for BBQ, Live seafood chinese resturants and more.

  • Dungeness Crabs


  • Beef Chuck


  • Chuck Eye Sliced


  • Salmon Fillet


  • Lobsters


  • Salmon


  • Tuna


  • You name it, we got it

    You name it, we got it

Foodservice's top choice

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  • Where's the beef?

    Where's the beef?

    Ever just wake up one day and lost your beef? Well, worry not! Chuck, Rib, Loin, Flank, Brisket, Beef Patty, Sausage...etc. We got all of them!

  • Gubles. Gubles? Gubles!

    Gubles. Gubles? Gubles!

    It's that time of the year again! We are offering the best turkey you can get in town. Grab it before it's gone!

  • Large selection of Seafood and Meat inventory
  • SQF Certified & Federal Inspected plant
  • Next Day delivery by our own truck fleet

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